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The dorms are expected to house about 550 students, who will likely come from the honors program and upper classes. Each suite will hold as many as four students, sharing a living area and bathroom but having their own bedrooms. Buildings, designed to include classroom space and residential life areas, will have high-speed Internet connections. In another unconventional twist, residents will not be required to take a food service contract.

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Food options are shifting to a competitive market in which students can use debit cards wherever they choose, according to Mitchel Livingston, UC vice president for student affairs. ”When we surveyed our students in the ZIP codes immediately contiguous with the campus,” he said, ”we found a very strong demand for on-campus or near campus housing with two basic provisions: that it be nontraditional and that it does not have obligatory food service contracts.”

The dormitories are the first to be built since Sander Hall in 1971, but they are only the start of a plan to double UC’s current housing capacity. The school wants to add about 2,700 dormitory spaces on or near campus while renovating the existing buildings to give residents more room, Livingston added. Some of the dorms would be built on campus while others could be constructed by private developers near campus and maintained by the university. The dormitories would provide a residential base for the Main Street project.

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Construction already has started on the quarter-mile boulevard with some student facilities moving out of the Tangeman University Center and into temporary tents. Expected to be completely finished in about four to five years, the new Main Street area would include restaurants, cafes, retail outlets, a recreation center and a revamped student union.

Hamilton County should negotiate with the Cincinnati Reds to use a renovated Cinergy Field instead of a new stadium, new Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune said this morning.

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Firefighters had to use the “jaws of life” to retrieve the bodies of the driver and one of the passengers from the wreckage. Another passenger was partially ejected on impact. It appeared that the driver, Kasha Johnson, 23, of Price Avenue in Price Hill, suffered severe injuries on impact, Byrd said. She and both her passengers, Timothy Gaines, 22, of Montana Avenue in Westwood, and Keno Grimes, 24, of East knoll Court in Mount Airy, were pronounced dead at the scene.

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Johnson was driving on a suspended license. She pleaded guilty in Hamilton County Municipal Court on March 28 to speeding and failure to use her seat belt. The driver of the MSD truck, Vaster Cooper, 56, of Harrison Avenue in Westwood, was not injured. The westbound lanes were closed from about 8 a.m. to about 1 p.m. Two Hamilton brothers were killed in a crash Friday morning in West Chester.

The car’s driver, Come Monagas, 25, was attempting to turn left and was waved across the inside lane of northbound 747. The car was struck in northbound outside lane by the SUV, which was driven by Ina Combs of Fairfield. Dustin M. Demos, 19, of Mount Carmel, was killed early Sunday in a crash in Anderson Township. He was driving on Ohio 32 east of Eight Mile Road when he lost control of his 1999 Mazda Millen at 3:46 a.m. and veered off the left side of the roadway, striking a tree.

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Demoss was not wearing a seat belt and was pronounced dead at the scene, according to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. The crash remains under investigation. A Cincinnati teen was one of three killed early Sunday in a one-vehicle crash in Dayton that also killed his brother. The driver, Robert “Lee” Edwards Jr., 18, of Union, as well as passengers Jaymil Miller, 19, of Clayton and Dominick Davis, 16, of Cincinnati, were dead at the scene of the 2:22 a.m. crash. Miller and Davis were brothers.

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Bear Creek submitted a rendering to the Kenton County Planning Commission detailing the open-air shopping center plan. The commission has not evaluated the plan yet because Bear Creek has asked for time to have a traffic study done, said Mike Schwartz of the planning commission. Crescent Springs Mayor Claire Moriconi said neither the delay nor the competition in Crestview Hills is a problem.


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“I think if this is meant to be, it’s going to happen. It’s a good, choice site. I think it’s going to be very viable to that part of the city, and I don’t see any parts of it (that are a problem) other than finding out more about the traffic,” Moriconi said. Matt Daniels, a Bear Creek principal, said the development is progressing well. His company still has commitments from an upscale supermarket and two other anchor tenants, none whose names have been revealed.

Daniels declined to comment on what effect the Crestview Hills redevelopment would have on his project. He anticipates completing the traffic study and bringing the project to Crescent Springs city council for approval in a month. “Our tenancy is going well,” he said, with several high-end restaurants showing interest in addition to the anchors. The project, which would take about a year to build, would mean about $1.6 million in annual property taxes for the city.

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The restaurants would go on seven lots between the parking lots for the shops and the railroad tracks. The development would also include an office building of at least two stories. Council members wanted to know how the development would affect Buttermilk Pike, which already is congested during peak drive times. Jeffrey Anderson, of Jeffrey Anderson Real Estate, wants to transform the struggling Crestview Hills Mall into something like his Rookwood Commons and Rookwood Pavilion development off Interstate 71 in Norwood.

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Survivors incorporate her spouse, Gregory F. Youthful; a child, Brooks Gregory Young of Cincinnati; a little girl, Bree Ann Martin of Florence; her mom, Jo Ann Rawson of Crescent Springs; a sister, Sheryl Brown of Columbus, Ohio; and one grandchild. Administrations will be at 10 a.m. Saturday at St. Joseph Church, Crescent Springs. Appearance will be from 5 to 8 p.m. Friday at Stitch Funeral Home, Florence. Entombment will be in St. Mary Cemetery, Fort Mitchell. Remembrances are recommended to American Cancer Society, 297 Buttermilk Pike, and Fort Mitchell, Ky. 41017.


Timetables are discriminating to exchange achievement in today’s commercial center. Any exchange moving into a 90 day period between the date the deal was concurred and trade of agreement is likely not to finish. The steady depreciation of property on a month by month premise together with the tightening of home loan fund implies that property bargains that are not finished up rapidly are in risk of not finishing up whatsoever. Conveyancers were recording weakening rates of up to 45% all through the course of 2008, in examination to steady loss rates of 25% in 2007. You have to consider whether the Conveyancers that you are utilizing are time mindful. Your conveyancers ought to be expecting to trade inside eight weeks of guideline at the very latest.

John Frederick Young, 59, of Tucson, Ariz., once of Fort Thomas and Villa Hills, passed on Dec. 15 at his habitation. He was work situation advisor with the Veterans Administration and a rimy veteran. Survivors incorporate his wife, Tracy Horsing Young; a child, David Young of Los Angeles, Calif.; a sister, Barbara Raven cotter of Fort Wright; and one grandchild. Remembrances administrations will be at 5 p.m. Saturday at Madden doff Funeral Home, Fort Wright. Appearance will start there at 3 p.m. Saturday. Remembrances are recommended to NTRA Charities – Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund, 2525 Harrodsburg Road, Suite 500, Lexington,

We trust the previous course is the more basic. Voters sent an acceptable message on Nov. 7 that they’re troubled with one-gathering tenet. Furthermore, other than Iraq, the nation needs new course on medicinal services, vitality effectiveness, retirement security and the undesirable bay between the exceptionally rich and those living paycheck to paycheck. Whether we see useful activity on those or different issues will depend intensely on the identity and judgment of others chose to administration positions a week ago.

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In any case the historical backdrop of some of those chose doesn’t offer a considerable measure of consolation. Sen. Trent Lott of Mississippi, for instance, was picked by the GOP assembly for the No. 2 minority administration post. He fielded complimentary calls from President Bush, Vice President Cheney and White House head of staff Josh Bolton. Only four years prior the White House had lubed his ouster as Senate GOP pioneer and Bush had guaranteed it with an open show of no-certainty. Lott said he had been “wounded in the back.”

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Luken’s request doesn’t involve the separate settlement of a racial profiling lawsuit against police — known as the collaborative agreement — that focuses on improving police-community relations and changing how officers interact with residents. But Gerhardstein and others noted that city officials agreed in 2002 to let both deals fall under the oversight of a court-appointed monitor. Ending the MOA early is inappropriate, and could undermine efforts on the collaborative agreement, they said.



You are currently prepared to trade contracts! When your Conveyancing Solicitor like Enact Conveyancing Brisbane and theirs have sent and gotten one another’s marked contracts, your Conveyancer will now approve the installment of your store. On the other hand, the methodology doesn’t end there, as while you’re enlightening the world concerning your change of dwelling place, your post, arranging a moving administration and gaining dates of when your utilities can be joined.

Moreover, plaintiffs question Luken’s and the Police Department’s commitment to making reforms. Part of the deal included creating a Citizens Complaint Authority to review cases of possible police misconduct. In its first controversial case, the review board recommended discipline for officers involved in the November 2003 death of Nathaniel Jones while in police custody. That finding was contrary to the recommendation of Police Chief Thomas Streicher Jr., who said officers acted appropriately.

Streicher called the review board a group of “untrained evaluators” who use “subjective opinions” to make findings. The chief’s remarks were followed by derisive comments about the review board made by Luken and police union leaders to the media. “The true measure of Chief Streicher’s commitment to reform is right in that memo,” Gerhardstein wrote. “Such tactics show that we need the agreements more than ever.” Other provisions where police have fallen short include not implementing a computer system to track complaints against individual officers, not installing video cameras in all cruisers, and not drafting a policy to regularly review videotapes taken from cruisers.

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Saul Green, a former federal prosecutor appointed to monitor progress, said the city hasn’t met requirements to be released early. “Based on our reports, we have not found them to be in substantial compliance,” Green said. Gerhardstein also criticized Luken for bypassing agreed-upon procedures and not taking his concerns to them, before sharing them with the media. Luken has asked U.S. Reps. Steve Chabot and Rob Portman to lobby the Justice Department on the city’s behalf.

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He also is concerned about people walking their dogs using his trees for their animals to relieve themselves and concerned about tree roots damaging the sidewalk in the future and thus making him responsible for sidewalk maintenance. Despite those concerns, however, Reynolds said he still might agree to a sidewalk easement though he doesn’t want to continue to deal with Sugar. ”If someone else from the city contacts me, I think we can work something out,” Reynolds said.


While purchasing or offering properties, you will need administrations from a firm of specialists. A conveyancer will manage all the complex paperwork and help you pick or offer without influencing your best advantage. Without legitimate issues, the conveyancer will get another home loan and he will likewise follow up in the interest of current bank. Enact Conveyancing Melbourne will incorporate diverse sorts of charges for all of which the conveyancer will do equity. It is critical that you pick a conveyancer who meets the lawful commitments and carries on the methodology easily without influencing the purchaser or dealer.While bothersome, Sugar said the gap is not stopping construction. The work is being done by city and county crews, which is saving the city about $75,000 of the project’s estimated $200,000 cost. The section under construction will run from Prospect Point along Amsterdam Road and High-water Road to Apple Blossom Drive. Sugar said without the one parcel the High-water Road sidewalk will simply continue on the other end of Reynolds’ property.Building a sidewalk on the opposite side of the street in that small area is not an option because that would defeat the purpose of a sidewalk system: to make it easier and safer for people to walk throughout the city. ”I thought once he (Reynolds) looked out his window and saw sidewalks running along in both directions he would change his mind, but he just doesn’t want a sidewalk along his property,” Sugar said.

For the conveyancing charges you pay, you anticipate that the conveyancer will lead rapid exchange. You don’t need any procedure to be postponed and it is essential not to overlook that postpone in a solitary step will cost you more toward the end. In the event that the specialist following up for your benefit is bad enough, the arrangement may go to pieces and you need to begin the methodology all once again with another individual. Offering and purchasing remortgaged property is innately upsetting, also heaps of reports that need to be checked and marked. Your specialist ought to make the entire procedure stretch free for you.

”If it was in the city limits we might consider using eminent domain, but we have no authority in the county area and the people I’ve talked to at the county have expressed no desire to use such measures.” The city expects to have spent about $500,000 on sidewalk projects throughout the city by the end of June 2003. The man accused of being the ”Black Wig Bandit” who robbed eight Greater Cincinnati banks was the victim in a fatal traffic crash Wednesday on Interstate 275 in Highland Heights, the FBI confirmed Thursday.

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The president of the Kentucky Senate has proposed a fresh round of meetings aimed at getting a state budget. In light of the state’s worsening revenue outlook, “it is imperative that the General Assembly engage in … overall budget discussions without delay,” Senate President David Williams, a Republican, said in a letter to House Speaker Jody Richards, a Democrat. Williams’ letter, released Thursday, followed but did not directly respond to a letter in which Richards forwarded a new House Democrat proposal on the issue that caused a budget impasse — partial public financing of gubernatorial campaigns.


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The House and Senate failed to enact a budget during the 2002 session and again during a special session called by Gov. Paul Patton. The hangup each time was over campaign finance. House Democrats, with Patton’s backing, want to retain partial public financing. The Senate’s version of a budget would have eliminated it. To date, Republicans have insisted on abolishing use of public funds in any election. In his letter, Williams proposed meetings of the combined House and Senate leadership, members of each chamber’s budget committee and the General Assembly’s budget staff. The executive branch would be represented by the state budget director, Jim Ramsey.

Richards, in a telephone interview from Bowling Green, had little to say about Williams’ proposal for meetings. “Those are not necessary if we can’t get over the other issue of campaign finance,” Richards said. Williams was in court and not available for comment, aides said. Colorful catalpa worms can be seen in abundance this year. The worms, which feed on the leaves of catalpa trees, have been particularly heavy, said David Koester, a Campbell County agricultural extension agent. The catalpa sphinx moth emerges in the spring to lay eggs on the underside of catalpa leaves.

Some substantial bequest specialists offer an in-house conveyancing administration yet are typically hesitant to give proposals as it can prompt a clash of investment. Very frequently, individuals all around Australia go into different sorts of property exchanges without the assistance of an expert property conveyancer. Doubtlessly, the vast majority of these individuals fizzle or experience a lot of inconvenience. Discovering a talented property conveyancer is a vital piece of purchasing or offering a home in this nation; going only it is not prescribed.

When the eggs hatch, the larvae begin eating the leaves. As they grow, the worms can completely defoliate a tree, as they did to this catalpa tree on Arlington Place in Fort Thomas. Stripping the tree year after year can cause severe damage. However, catalpa trees aren’t used as ornamentals in yards, and unless a homeowner has one that he particularly prizes, Koester advises residents against spraying them with pesticide. No enemy bullet felled Army Reserve Sgt. James Alex Turner.

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“Both sides need to be flexible,” he said, noting that since the strike Kroger has settled a number of contracts without work stoppages. Lowthers said Local 1099’s overwhelming vote to authorize a strike and the high turnout for the vote sent a strong message of “solidarity.” Raghu Tadepalli, a business professor at Xavier University, said union membership has shrunk over decades in the U.S. as heavy industry’s high labor costs became vulnerable to cheaper competition from overseas. The slow disintegration diminishes the estimation of these things which is measured as depreciation. Tax Deterioration does not include a real money cost however it has the impact of arranging for some money when deducted from the financial specialist’s pay. He said the same dynamics are at work in American service industries, such as supermarkets. “Customers aren’t going to pay more simply because you say your products or service costs more,” he said.

Although unionized supermarkets hope to justify slightly higher prices through better services, Tadepalli said because grocers deal in basic commodity products that approach was a harder sell. He said Wal-Mart has been a success by consistently driving its costs down and making up the profits through the sheer volume of units sold. “A box of cereal in one store is the same as the next — there’s only so much you can do to dress it up,” he said. It began with the arrival of four Sisters of Charity in a city at the edge of the western frontier — a city reeling from the effects of poverty, a cholera epidemic and a string of natural disasters that had left many children orphaned.

The year was 1829. The sisters had come from Maryland at the request of Bishop Edward Fenwick to start a school for orphaned girls on Sycamore Street in Cincinnati. They called it St. Peter’s Asylum, and within a short time of opening, it had taken in nearly 100 girls. Two decades later, a new, larger home was built in Northside, and christened St. Joseph Orphanage. These costs are deductible from wage when utilized for the accumulation of rent, repairs, reviews and setting up the property for new inhabitants.

Today, the sisters mark 175 years of service to the needy children of Greater Cincinnati. Among those planning to attend the celebration is John Sanfillippo, 62, of Bridgetown. He and his twin brother, Jimmy, were infants when they were brought to St. Joseph in 1943. Both were afflicted with rickets and could barely walk throughout early childhood. Life with the nuns, said Sanfillippo, was “beautiful.” “Looking back, I think I might have missed out on a lot — like going to a friend’s house to play, things kids with normal homes do.

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The infrastructure is in place for the development and won’t require any city expenditures, the mayor said. Bricking is happy with his relationship with the city regarding the transaction. “They’ve been very good to me,” he said. The Thomasville lodges and property are adjacent to the bankrupt F&N Steakhouse, which was scheduled to be auctioned at 11 a.m. today. The depreciation report is to give appraisals to “the repair and trade costs for real things in the strata organization and the normal life of those things”.

The restaurant and its accessories will be auctioned off by Semple & Associates Inc. Auctioneers, appointed by U.S. Bankruptcy Court. The rustic roadhouse restaurant closed Aug. 11 after 75 years as a Northern Kentucky icon and the owners filed for bankruptcy. A Campbell County judge could rule as early as today whether Mike Mitchell, Highlands High School’s star running back, will be eligible to play in Saturday’s Class AAA state championship football game.

The strata partnership can then utilize that data to support it in deciding the suitable mount for the yearly commitment to its possibility store reserve. Lawyers for Mitchell, who want him to play, and for the Kentucky High School Athletic Association, which wants its ineligibility ruling upheld, have filed proposed orders outlining their respective cases. Each wants Circuit Judge Julie Reinhardt Ward to sign its version. Ward is scheduled to be back from vacation today and to return to the courtroom Friday.

She has three options: hold a hearing before making a decision, decide without a hearing based on the documents and evidence already on file, or do nothing. If she does nothing, then Mitchell would not be allowed to play Saturday. Quantity Surveyors are qualified to gauge the development expenses of things particular to a building, and additionally the future of every thing. They then work inside The Australian Charge Business locales rules to figure the measure of depreciation. “I’m nervous and kind of anxious,” Mitchell said Wednesday. “In a way, I want to get it all over with one way or another. It’s been like a crazy roller coaster.” His father, Maurice Mitchell, said his son had to watch practice from the sidelines Wednesday.

“I’m just praying,” said Mike Mitchell. Mitchell has been a dominant force in Highlands’ run for the championship, scoring four touchdowns in the past two weeks. He leads the team in both points scored and rushing. A 6-foot-2, 210-pound senior, Mitchell also plays defensive back. Coach Dale Mueller said Wednesday he has been told nothing official about his star’s status. “If the court says any player is ineligible, we won’t play them,” he said. An expense deterioration timetable made by Qualified Tax Depreciation Specialists is then utilized by your bookkeeper to claim depreciation on a property.

While Mitchell is an important member of the team, Mueller said, he is still only one player. “If one guy can’t play in the game, we’ll still be fine to play the game,” he said. “We’re not about one player; we’re about a team.” Mitchell agreed: “Even if I don’t get to play, I’m confident the Bluebirds can still bring one home.”